Hc 500 high pressure washer, high pressure water jet, wet sanding machine, named, such as 500 bar pressure cold water washing machine. 500 bar cold water pressure washing machine which is designed to be used in very different areas even though they are in the same category as car washing machines as working system, as [...]

Safran HC 400 pressure washer 21 lt. Industrial  high pressure water cleaner is an industrial cleaning machine that can discharge water at a pressure of 400 bar per minute. It is a machine that has the effect on pressure and destruction power that normal car wash machines produce. Our machine, also known as pressurized water [...]

The Safran HC 300 car wash machine has a powerful motor and pump that can pressurize up to 300 bar. It has the capacity to work continuously for 24 hours in busy car washings and similar areas. The remains, such as poultry farms, which have heavy dirt and are difficult to remove from the ground, [...]

The hc 250 bar model, which is located in the pressurized car washing machine, is an indispensable machine for those who want to do business professionally in the field of vehicle exterior cleaning. This model, which is used in addition to vehicle cleaning, has facilitated the work that many businesses can do thanks to the [...]

The pressurized car wash machines, are the model of HC 200 which is mostly used for professional work. Ceramic Piston direct-coupled, European-made pump, professional and efficient machine with low electricity and water consumption. The pressurized car wash machine is used in professional car wash, factory cleaning and many other areas. It quickly removes dried sludge, [...]

Our most preferred model of pressure washers is HC 170. Ceramic Piston direct-coupled, European-made pump, professional and efficient machine with low electricity and water consumption. Professional car wash, factory cleaning and many other areas are used. It quickly removes dried sludge, chemical and food tanks by pressure washing. It works quietly and smoothly. Where there [...]

High Pressure washing machine Hot water professional car washing machine With Safran SHC 300 you can use it outside of normal cars. You can clean the area to be cleaned up to 300 bar and with hot water support. It provides a pressure well above the pressure wash in normal car wash machines and thanks [...]

SHC 200 hot water pressure washer and at the same time special sanding device, rotary capping device and spraying guns to be sprayed at the special angle are determined and provided according to the specified area and the required level. At this point, necessary measurements and examples about the work area to be used are [...]

Safran SHC 170 provides a high level cleaning opportunity thanks to the hot water washing machine. Thanks to special heating, the high temperature also produces pressurized water, which leads to surprising results for heavily soiled greasy surfaces. Usage areas of our hot water pressure washer; • Auto hairdressers • Construction and building industry • Chicken [...]