Safran SN 7200 octopus drying machine, car seat drier or octopus type 4-leg drying machine known as seat and special drying machine; It is especially used as a seat dryer or auto in-car ceiling and floor dryer required by auto hairdressers. It can also be used after washing carpet and armchair on the premises in [...]

KS 6000 coin-operated foam machine is coin-operated ‘foam spraying machine’ coin operated. These types of auto foam machines, which are generally used in fuel stations, are being demanded in the recent periods because companies do not have to pay for car washing machines to demolish cars and at the same time they do not make [...]

The Safran DWS 620 coin operated vacuum cleaner is an industrial type vacuum cleaner designed for people to sweep their vehicles as they like in places like petrol offices. Money and coins can be produced in a versatile manner. Vehicle cleaning in the petroleum offices is important for the satisfaction of the customers. In order [...]

Hcs 200 washing machine The Hcs 200 coin-operated car washer is a coin operated car wash machine. These types of car wash machines, which are usually used at fuel stations, have been demanded in recent times because they do not create an additional expense to their own car washing machines that also save their own [...]