The Manuel Carpet Washing Machine RCF400 is a floor scrubbing and polishing and carpet washing machine. Especially our carpet washing machine is one of our machines which can be the biggest assistant of our customers who want to enter new sector. Manuel Carpet Washing Machine RCF400 is a product that will provide a breakthrough to [...]

The RCF 2400 double brushed carpet washing machine is a successful model preferred by firms that do not have enough money to buy automatic carpet cleaning machines. Carpet washing can be done in 2 different ways. The first one of these can be washed with manual carpet washing machines and carpets with automatic carpet washing [...]

RCF500 carpet washing, floor scrubbing and polishing Thanks to the 50cm brush diameter, carpet washing, wide area brushing and floor polishing can be successfully accomplished. With 16lt detergent tank, it has the most capacity water tank feature. Depending on the width of the brush diameter, one person can move the machine very comfortably. It can [...]