Carpet dusting machine is a must for carpet washing companies. There are several stages in carpet washing centers. If the carpets coming to the carpet washing plant are to be sorted out briefly 1 ♦ Carpet dusting (Carpet shaking and carpet dusting machine) 2 ♦ Carpet washing (automatic carpet washing machine or manual carpet washing [...]

Brushing carpet dusting machine, known as yada carpet whipping machine, is a vacuum ‘carpet shaking machines’ used to clean powdered, foreign matter and mites in carpets before carpet washing. If carpet goes directly to the washing process without using a dusting machine and if these dusts are not cleaned in the carpets, even if more [...]

Crf 2100 FR Carpet dust removing machine, with brush and roller feature, is 210 cm wide. Therefore, 6m² can be used comfortably in carpet cleaning. The CRF 2100 FR carpet dust removing machines, which have emerged as a result of long-running R&D work, save space with its modern design. Carpets was tried to be beaten [...]

Today, carpet dusters with many types are divided into 2 groups as manual dust collection and automatic dust collection. In the same way, our automatic dust collecting machine is divided into 2 groups including beater + vacuum model and beater + vacuum + brush model. Automatic table-type dust collectors are very easy to use. Depending [...]

Carpet dusting machine Carpet dusting machine, especially observed in the carpet dusting machine passed through the carpet 6m2 carpet about 50 gr to 100 gr of powder is removed. Therefore, the carpet passed through the carpet dusting machine is washed in a shorter time and a better result is obtained. Carpet dusting machine is one [...]

Carpet dust removal machines Carpet dusting machines are classified as manual dusting and automatic dusting in their own way. In the same way, our automatic dust-collecting machine is divided into 3 groups with its own beater + vacuum model and beater + vacuum + brush model and beating + vacuum + brush roller. Automatic table-type [...]