Hc 500 high pressure washer, high pressure water jet, wet sanding machine, named, such as 500 bar pressure cold water washing machine. 500 bar cold water pressure washing machine which is designed to be used in very different areas even though they are in the same category as car washing machines as working system, as [...]

Safran HC 400 pressure washer 21 lt. Industrial  high pressure water cleaner is an industrial cleaning machine that can discharge water at a pressure of 400 bar per minute. It is a machine that has the effect on pressure and destruction power that normal car wash machines produce. Our machine, also known as pressurized water [...]

The Safran HC 300 car wash machine has a powerful motor and pump that can pressurize up to 300 bar. It has the capacity to work continuously for 24 hours in busy car washings and similar areas. The remains, such as poultry farms, which have heavy dirt and are difficult to remove from the ground, [...]