Safran CHM 2100 eco Carpet Fuzz Hair Remover machine is, after the carpet washing and drying process, collecting the hair, on the carpet, vacuuming, rubbing the carpet hairs. Carpet Fuzz Hair Remover and Packing machines are not used in the companies mentioned above we need to be done manually at the initiative of the staff [...]

CHM 3200 Carpet cleaning and packaging machine is an industrial cleaning machine which will contribute to professional carpet cleaning industry which will increase quality. Our CHM 3200 model is the preferred machine especially for wider than 3 meters carpet. For this reason, there are more sales in overseas orders. The carpet packaging machine is a [...]

Carpet packing machine Carpet picking and packing machine is a machine that will provide you with quality controls and services that will save you 100% workmanship and time. Carpet packaging machine is used for cleaning carpets before carpet washing or carpets are washed and dried, carpets, hair, hair, carpets are cleaned and carpets are packed [...]

Safran CHM 4300 eco Carpet packing  machine, after carpet washing and drying  process on the carpet, vacuums objects such as hair, at the same time carpet hair rubs the last control after the carpet to help you put the pouch, the last check. Carpets arriving at the carpet washing plant have dust, dirt, stains, carpet [...]